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Booking Visa appointment


Dear Sir, Madam,

The European Visa Centre (EVC) aims to make travelling to Europe easier.

The visa appointments are open over a period of 5 weeks. On a weekly basis, 1000 appointment possibilities will be added. 

It is necessary to fill in the VOW form correctly. If you already obtained a schengen visa delivered by the Embassy of Belgium in the past, kindly indicate the date you gave your fingerprints and the visa sticker number in the case « Visa précédents ».

It is possible to get a visa appointment easily.  

Please note that booking an appointment is absolutely free of charge.

For more information, please visit: https://www.cev-kin.eu/en

Some practical advice:

  • It is not advisable to request an appointment more than 3 months before the date of travel. Appointments that fall after the travel date indicated in the request may be cancelled.
  • Your appointment details will be automatically extracted from your VOWINT form. These details cannot be changed afterwards and a strict check will be carried out at the entrance to the CEV. If the details do not match, you will be refused entry. So please be careful when filling in the form.
  • All applicants must state their exact telephone number on the form. This will be used for any checks and to contact you if an appointment becomes available earlier than planned. An incorrect number will result in the appointment being cancelled.

The EVC is doing its utmost to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.  Additional slots will be made available in the coming weeks to enable all those with travel plans to submit their visa application on time.

If you are travelling urgently between 15 and 30 November and are unable to make an appointment online, you can contact the CEV at the following e-mail address: cev.kinshasa@diplobel.fed.be

 Thank you for your understanding,


The European Visa Centre team


BREXIT impact on travel to the UK

Passengers holding a visa or residence permit for the United Kingdom and transiting through the Schengen Area on their way to the UK, must hold a Schengen Airport Transit Visa as of 01/01/2021 if you are a national of one of the following countries, depending on your transit Schengen state.

In the DRC, the CEV and the Consulate General of Belgium in Lubumbashi handle the Airport Transit Visa for France and Belgium.

Check  "Comment composer mon dossier" >  autres catégories: Transit 

On top of the documents mentioned in the "Transit" link, all visa applicants for a Transit Visa to travel to the UK must present in their visa application at the CEV a confirmed booking into an official Managed Quarantine Hotel to isolate on arrival in the UK.



Waiting for your visa? Consult the "practical information" section to retrieve your passport or to know the status of your visa application. Follow us on Facebook to get good advice! Click here to discover the official Facebook page of CEV in Kinshasa.

How to apply for a visa? 

  • Before applying for a new visa, verify through official sources in the country of your destination and the DRC that there is/are no impediment to travel to and stay at your destination, and that there is no impediment to return to the DRC at the end of the trip. Visit the interactive European Union website to check restrictions and official links.
  • Please begin by filling in your online form.
    Note: create your own Visa On Web account from your personal email address to complete your forms. If you are using the VOW account of a "protocol" or cybercafé, our emails (confirming the appointment, announcing that your application is ready for pick-up) will be sent to the protocol/cybercafé instead of you. If you use an intermediary to book an appointment, he/she can also cancel the appointment without informing you (you will then no longer be able to access the CEV). Note: select "Kinshasa" or "Lubumbashi" depending on the city where you apply for your visa;
  • After saving and submitting your form, you must print it.
  • At the bottom of your form, you must then create an appointment to submit your application.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours, which is also to be presented in order to be granted access to the CEV, which is only accessible by personal appointment.
  • If you are part of a group or family, you must first complete and save all forms online. When the form for the last group member is saved, create the appointment and choose "No" when e-appointment asks if the appointment is personal. This will allow you to add the other group/family members for a group appointment. A group appointment is only possible if you fill in the form and schedule the appointment well in advance: a group appointment requires that the calendar still has several free appointment slots in a row (at least the number of places equal to the number of people in your family/group). 

    Don't forget the appointment for each of your children: group their applications to your appointment, otherwise a slot will not have been reserved for them and they will not be able to apply for their visa.
  • Service & diplomatic passports holders are, as usual, requested to contact the State Protocol.
  • The CEV, the Embassy and the Consulate General are not involved in the scheduling of appointments. Your appointment cannot be advanced. Only in the event of the death of a family member of the 1st or 2nd degree (justified by a death certificate + proof of date of burial + birth certificate proving filiation with the deceased), or in the event of an urgent medical situation, justified by a medical certificate from the Embassy/ General Consulate (see "useful contacts" on this site), you can request that your appointment be advanced. To do so, you must first make an appointment yourself (even if the proposed date does not suit you) and then send us an email via cev.kinshasa@diplobel.fed.be (requests in Kinshasa) or Lubumbashi.visa@diplobel.fed.be (requests in Lubumbashi) attaching to your email the supporting documents as well as the completed Visa On Web form.
  • Don't wait to book an appointment: book it as soon as you are aware that a trip might be coming up. Then choose a date on the online calendar (plan at least 15 days before your desired departure and preferably earlier if your previous visa application has been refused or during peak season / school holidays). Use the time between the consultation of the calendar and your appointment to compile your paper application according to the instructions on this site. Don't wait for the mission order or the last confirmations to book an appointment.
  • If there is an inability to attend, you must cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance via the link in the email you received confirming the appointment. The CEV will then be able to make your appointment available again to the public wishing to travel.
  • Please consult the menu items on the left for any useful information. There you will find our information sheets for the composition of a visa application (continuously updated). For security reasons and to ensure that everyone's appointment is punctual and by name, you will be granted access to the building 30min. before the time of your appointment. Access will not be granted after the exact time of your appointment and you will have to make a new appointment to submit your application. Organize yourself accordingly:  taking into account traffic jams and rain. 

We will gladly answer your questions by email (within 48 hours, weekdays) or by phone, provided the information or answers to your questions are not already published on this website. Please consult the headings on the left side of this website. However, no follow-up or response will be given to emails for which the information or answers are published on this website.

NO to corruption:

  • Appointments and forms are free of charge.
  • The official rates of visa fees are published on this site.
  • If you are asked for money in order to get an appointment or to facilitate your procedures, you are subjected to a fraud attempt. Please immediately inform the Belgian Embassy, via the address: kinshasa@diplobel.fed.be or the consul at the General Consulate of Belgium in Lubumbashi via the address: Lubumbashi.visa@diplobel.fed.be