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As a general rule, Schengen visa applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six months before the scheduled trip.
Information on the deadlines are available via this link

  • As a general rule, the decision to grant or refuse a visa is taken within 15 days of submitting your application at the CEV/Embassy counter (for diplomatic passports). However, a longer waiting period is required when your visa application is forwarded to the Immigration Office for further examination (45 days), or when additional documents are required (60 days).
  • Warning: These deadlines are inevitably exceeded during certain periods of the year because of the increase of applications to be processed (summer, school holidays, end of year celebrations). Therefore, we advise you to submit your application several weeks before the date of your trip if you are scheduled to travel during these periods. 
  • Embassies, consulates and the Immigration Office will do their utmost to examine your application within the specified deadlines.