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Operating hours and access


For security reasons and to ensure punctual and personal appointments, you will be granted access to the building 30min before your appointment time. Access will not be granted after your appointment time and you will have to make a new appointment for the submission of your application.

  • CEV KINSHASA : Avenue Pierre Mulele ex. 24 Novembre
  • EMBASSY OF BELGIUM IN KINSHASA : Boulevard du 30 juin (entrance via l’avenue des Jacarandes).
  • CEV LUBUMBASHI : General consulate of Belgium in Lubumbashi, Avenue Lufira 990 (Intersection with Square Forrest)



Submission of all types of visa applications (short-stay, long-stay, diplomatic/service/ordinary passports) are processed only according to the appointment that you have made yourself through the appropriate procedure indicated on the home page of this site.

Applicants receive an appointment confirmation by email and must present this proof in order to be granted access to the CEV.

The location of the appointment will be indicated on the confirmation email:

  • In Kinshasa
    - At the CEV for ordinary and service passport holders
    - At the Embassy of Belgium for diplomatic passport holders
  • In Lubumbashi : At the General consulate of Belgium in Lubumbashi for all passport holders