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Retrieve my passport while waiting for the answer

Do you need your passport before the Immigration Office has made a decision on your visa application? 

  • Send us an email to CEV.kinshasa@diplobel.fed.be with the subject line “retreive my passeport - MSHKIN( your number) - (your name) - (your date of birth)”. Exemple: ‘Retreive my passeport - MSHKIN000012345 - MUTEBA - 15/07/1985’
  • Formulate this request in the body of your email as well while keeping the email factual and succinct.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 3 working days, which will give you access to the CEV according to the schedule for visa collection to pick up your passport.
  • Your application will remain in process at the Immigration Office.
  • Please remember to continue to track your application online via your VisaOnWeb account after you have picked up your passport in order to submit the passport to us (to issue a visa) or to receive the reasoned notification (in case of refusal).
  • Please do not call us to request passport collection, we must have a written record of your request. Do not show up without an invitation.